Team Canada got up early at Las Tanusas Hotel in Puerto Cayo and then they prepared to go offshore. Once there, contemplating the vastness of the ocean, they took the opportunity to work on their personal projects.


Back on the ground, they visited ‘Los Frailes’ – located in Manabí – and enjoyed walking along the beach. While everyone watched the pelicans dive into the water to fish, part of Team CA left the group to continue with the ideas of their artistic projects. The Ecuadorian beaches provide peace for a proper meditation and everyone took advantage of it.

Lunchtime was approaching and Canadian artists were excited to continue tasting the delicacies that the ocean offers. Shrimp ceviche, beer and white wine were served. Once they were satisfied, the tour continued towards Montañita – a beach located in the province of Santa Elena -. They enjoyed walking around town and of course they stayed to enjoy the nightlife that only this destination can offer.

Team Canada leaves with the best experiences Ecuadorian beaches can offer. And the journey continues!