We’ve been following Team Germany’s Steve Hänisch on his journey through the Andes. Now, on a recent vlog he uploaded on his channel, we can get closer to the adventures he and the team experienced.

The team started off in Riobamba, where they took a train to “La Nariz del Diablo”, but not before traveling to some towns in the Andes region. Their first stop was Guamote, where they visited one of the biggest indigenous markets of South America, where locals exchange their goods, like clothes, food and fabric. They later visited another market, this time it was an animal market, full of cows.

They continued their journey to Alausí, where the Nariz del Diablo is located, but not before enjoying a great meal on the Tren Crucero.

Don’t miss Steve’s adventures in the Andes, watch the video blog below.