Since 4:30 in the morning Team UK was preparing to attend a traditional ritual of the Kichwa community in the Amazon: the ‘Guayusada’. With a lot of curiosity, the ritual began with families sharing a hot drink – prepared with the guayusa, which is an energizer and a purifier -. In this ritual, dreams are shared, besides being a space to transmit ancestral knowledge.

With the sunrise, the ritual was ending and we were on our way to the Añangu Community Center, located right in front of the Napo River. Here we could learn more about the community, their Kichwa culture and customs. Here is where the renowned Ecolodge Yasuní locates.


Keiko and Esther decided to get a ‘limpia’. While, the whole Team UK enjoyed dancing with the ‘mamacunas’ – women from the community -. At lunchtime they tasted all the delicacies of the Ecuadorian Amazon: the maito and chontacuro – also known as mayón -. Jason and Keiko were the only ones brave enough to try this exotic dishes, including Jason who enjoyed the food so much that he repeated.


At the end of the day, each artist had time to work in the community and to continue producing their personal projects.