The Feel Again Project has begun! Visual, conceptual and plastic artists, photographers and bloggers from the United States, Germany, United Kingdom and Canada started today an expedition through Ecuador to rediscover their senses.

The trip began with a tour of Quito. They walked with authorities from the Ministry of Tourism and other spectators from their hotel in La Ronda, who astonished, saw them admire the view of the wonderful city. They went to the Mercado San Francisco, where Team USA received a ‘limpia’ from the hand of a local healer. Richard Leong, from Team CA, said ‘he felt renewed’ after receiving the benefits of this ancient practice. Team DE tasted the ‘chicha’, a traditional drink from Quito. They loved it!


All the teams walking around Mercado San Francisco

All the teams walking around Mercado San Francisco.

The journey continued to the Pacari store, the ‘best chocolate in the world’. All members of the four teams tasted the delicious flavor combinations created by Santiago Naranjo, president of Pacari, and they were delighted. Esther Teichmann, from Team UK, said that her ‘heart was happy and beating fast because of the chocolate she ate’.

Later, the Museum of the City received the artists for a press conference, where Sandra Naranjo, the Minister of Tourism and a representative of each team intervened. The minister explained that the Feel Again Project wants to continue exploring the markets of tourists that visit the country more, that’s why four countries were elected. She also added that “Feel Again” would help to feel this beautiful country with its four worlds to enjoy.

Feel Again Rueda de Prensa Artistas Feel Again Rueda de Prensa Artistas

The artists completed the city tour in the Plaza Grande, with their own wonderful night show, characteristic of Quito. Tomorrow each group will travel to a destination of Ecuador to begin their adventure. Stay tuned.