The Feel Again Project has invited 18 different artists from around the globe to travel through Ecuador’s different regions. Team Germany were chosen to visit and discover the wonders of the Andes: the high peaks, the lonely meadows and the cold lagoons. The members of this team are: Johannes Conrad, Michelle Phillips, Rocket & Wink and Steve Hänisch. You can find out more about these artists on this link.

Rocket & Wink investigating the Mercado.

Rocket & Wink investigating the Mercado.

Team Germany got to try some Pacari Chocolate on the first day of the tour in the city of Quito and also got the chance to visit a very important marketplace of the city, the Mercado San Francisco. After driving around they stopped in the Museum of the City, where the Minister of Tourism, Sandra Naranjo, had prepared a press conference for the Feel Again Project.


From left to right: Johannes Conrad, Michelle Phillips, Steve Hänisch and Rocket & Wink.

Team Germany will start their adventure through the Andes, where they will definitely enjoy the amazing landscapes. Don’t forget to visit the Feel Again Project web and stay tuned for more surprises on this amazing journey to #FeelAgainInEcuador.