Team Germany began their tour leaving the Abraspungo Hotel in Riobamba towards the train station. It was a clear and sunny day; this helped us to be ready to board early. The day began with the train going towards the Colta stop and then to Guamote.


Once there, we visited the city market where Team Germany was surprised by the amount of grains, fruits and vegetables. Soon after this, we arrived to ‘La Plaza de Animales’ where you can find cattle and other farm animals for sale. They said -between laughs – not knowing whether to buy or not a cow.

We left Guamote station to continue the tour to ‘La Nariz del Diablo’ through the Andes. Later we arrived to the city of Bucay where we enjoyed ourselves at the ‘Café del Tren’ with cocoa liquor among other exquisite dishes such as: empanadas de verde, ceviche served in baskets made from fried plantain, meat and chicken skewers and for dessert cacao.

The adventure of the day was coming to an end and between conversations, laughter and photos, Team Germany talked about how they felt anxious to tell their friends about Ecuador.