The rain surprised Team Canada while they were surfing in the beaches of Montañita, but that didn’t stop their journey. The trip continued to Puerto El Morro, where the bottlenose dolphins live.


We went through the mangrove until we arrived at Posorja, during our journey through the mangrove we saw different birds, tuna boats, but there were no dolphins. While going back a little disappointed someone shouted: There they are! Team Canada immediately took out their cameras and took all the photos they could. It was an epic moment!

We were all very excited to play with the dolphins, but the darkness of the night interrupted us, so it was time to go back. Team Canada had a delicious dinner in Playas before they started their journey towards Guayaquil. Once there, they made a brief visit to the Caraguay Market -a seafood market- before going back to the hotel to rest. This day had it all!