There was a light rain when Team Germany woke up in the Ingapirca Hotel. After breakfast, they took the opportunity to visit the Inca ruins. Once there, they observed the remains of what was the Cañari culture, until reaching its highest point: El Templo del Sol -Temple of the Sun-. But it was time to continue the tour towards Cuenca.

Once there we all took a walk through the streets to appreciate its architecture, colonial houses, the art on the walls, the narrow stone streets and more. The first stop was on a restaurant called ‘Los Tiestos’. Here the artists tried artisan beer with raw German materials, beside the chef’s specials, which included eggplant with picudo -a local fish- as entrée, followed by shrimps and delicate pieces of steak in mushrooms sauce. In additions, Team DE received the visit of a representative of the Municipality of Cuenca, who delivered them some presents: a typical shawl and straw hats.


After the presents, they went to the ‘Mercado 10 de Agosto’ -a local food market- in which the Team decided to get a ‘limpia’ -a local practice used to cleanse the spirit- Among chamomile leaves, ‘puro’ (alcohol) and whispers, they removed the spirits of ‘evil eye’. That afternoon ended on the roof of a building to see the sunset across the city.

At night, the Quingeo Town -one and a half hour from Cuenca- waited for Team Germany to make them live an authentic ‘fiesta de pueblo’ -local festival-. They had the chance to watch the famous competition for best dressed ‘cuy’ among other activities, such as: native dances, the famous ‘vaca loca’ and ‘prendida del castillo’. The party ended with ‘canelazos’ -a local drink- to resist the cold, hornado -local dish with pork-, fireworks and Team DE dancing the night away. Surely they will never forget the day they danced in the town plaza with the locals.