The heat and humidity are the signs that we have arrived in the Amazon, to the city of Coca, to be exactly. ‘I think in a couple of hours I’ll get used to this’, says Sarah part of the Team UK.

And the adventure begins! There are four hours sailing through the Napo River, enjoying a landscape that turns blue, green and brown. Besides the water, the only sound you can hear is from the cicadas.


We make a short stop and boarded the Anaconda cruise, as scheduled. Here the artists were welcomed with morocho and plantain empanadas, chicken skewers with strawberry and guava juices. More than ready to continue the journey through the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Back to the Anaconda, we were blown away by the beautiful view. Nature was everywhere, especially, in touch with us. Sarah will remember this day forever while trying to take a picture of a butterfly that landed gently on her hat. That was fantastic!

We continued sailing over the Napo River and entering the Añangu River – ant in the kichwa language – in the Yasuní National Park community of the same name, we had to change from motorboats to canoes. In order to reach the luxury hotel Napo Wildlife Center (NWC), located in the Añangu Cocha Lagoon.

The entire Team UK was impressed with the scenery of the route by canoe. It was two hours of intense work, since we moved only by the force of the paddles. That was one of the highlights of the day.

During the tour, you could observe animals like the hoatzin, the cocha pishco, some fish and anacondas. Even Conor had the magnificent and almost privileged honor of taking a photo with his phone of an anaconda after its meal.

At the end of the day, already resting and enjoying the peace that the NWC offers, Keiko’s words resonate in our minds: “Incredible, overwhelming, surreal.”