At 6:00 the day began with breakfast, then Team UK packed their bags on the canoes to travel with the sunrise to Coca. This was our last day in the Ecuadorian Amazon. In the last days this group of creative people has experienced amazing adventures in Ecuador and this is what they tell us:

“It’s like a dream project. It’s almost too good, too free. It’s so much to see, so many beautiful things… Where do you start?” Says Keiko Hindley about the Feel Again Project. Jason and Keiko are used to do advertising photography, which tends to have restrictions, but in Ecuador they were free to create.

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For Esther Teichmann reaching the Ecuadorian Amazon has been very inspiring. Normally she takes her time to choose locations and prepare them, but in these days of the Feel Again Project, she had to react to the locations quickly to take her photos. The serenity of the environment has been what most inspired her to take her camera out and take photos.

Without knowing a lot about Ecuador, only that it is near the Equator and that the best straw hats are made here, Conor MacNeill came without much expectation, only with the desire to be surprised. And he was. “The Landscape is amazing”, says about Ecuador. This is something good, since his specialty is photographing landscapes.

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They will have the task of expressing their experience through their own art. We’ll see what they bring us!