The Feel Again Project has finally started, with artists from different parts of the world, including United States, Germany, United Kingdom and Canada. These 18 artists will embark on a journey through the four regions of Ecuador. Team USA will travel to the amazing Galápagos Islands, where they will have a unique experience on a real paradise.

Team USA’s members are: Andrew Norton, Brendan Van Son, Marc Reisbig and Scott Pommier. To get to know more about these artists you can visit this link.


From left to right: Brendan Van Son, Scott Pommier, Andrew Norton and Marc Reisbig

During the first day, Team USA and the rest of the crew got to do a quick tour around Quito, where they visited an importan marketplace called Mercado San Francisco. In there the Team USA received a “limpia” against evil spirits. After that they were taken to the Pacari store to try some of the best chocolate in the world.


Later they were invited to the Museum of the City for a press conference on the Feel Again Project, which was preceded by Sandra Naranjo, the Minister of Tourism. After tons of pictures from local media, the team got to visit the Plaza Grande for a wonderful night show.

Don’t miss out on this amazing journey, feel free to check the Feel Again Project regularly to avoid missing all the activities that will help these artists #FeelAgainInEcuador.