Our last day in Galápagos was actually a half-day. We woke up early as usual and the ocean was calm. The night before, Andrew asked to make a stop in Puerto Ayora because for his final work was necessary to have photos of people living in Galápagos. A person of the production crew went with him while we headed to Seymour Island.

It was a bit difficult to disembark, because of the waves that moved us away from the entrance to Seymour. This entry is actually a staircase of slippery rocks. We all got off safely from the boat. We finally had Internet connection on the island and after catching up with our social media and emails, we walked to see the main attraction in the island: the frigatebirds and the blue-footed boobies.

Before finding both species, we had a close encounter with a group of swallow-tailed gulls. They flew very close to our heads, we were scared for a second because their beaks were close to our heads, but nothing happened. Later we saw the blue-footed boobies, the most famous animals in the Galápagos. We were lucky to see a family of boobies: A baby blue-footed booby and two adults. The photos were immediate.


The vegetation at Seymour Island is diverse but slightly arid. We observed cactus trees and palo santo – lignum vitae -. After Team USA took photos and recorded everything they needed, we left Seymour and traveled to Baltra to end our journey. With all the suitcases and the memories of an incredible trip, Team USA and the production team departed from Galápagos with a ‘see you soon’. We all promised to return.