At seven o’clock in the morning, Team UK was having breakfast on the 7th floor of the NWC tower. A spectacular view of Cocha Añangu inspired them for a day full of adventures. After eating, we crossed the lagoon by canoe to go into the jungle.20150924123155

We made a walk for about an hour to the watchtower of the NWC. Team UK stopped to take pictures, videos or just observe and be amazed by the nature of the Yasuní National Park. The watchtower is about 37 meters high, from there you could observe the forest and birds flying around. A ceiba pentandra of approximately 40 meters lies right next to the building.

After an exhausting tour they returned to the lodge. They got refreshed with some guayusa tea with lemon and then they had for lunch ‘sancocho de pescado’ -a traditional dish made with fish-. Later, they began to recruit the teams to start working on each of their artwork.