Team DE was in the hotel lobby, very early in the morning to start the tour. Everyone looked anxious, because they had no idea what they would experience during this first day. Rocket & Wink prepared their masks, Steve his camera, while Michelle and Johannes – from Yukiko studio – talked with Mijail, their translator. Suddenly we were all ready on the bus that would take us to our adventure.

After a few hours of travel, Team DE made a stop to recharge. A gas station in the middle of the road was the place where creativity inspired them. The cloudy landscape in the background brought out the magnitude of the mountains and the view was just spectacular. Dogs with furry hair and children with their colourful dresses served as visual material for them. Every bit of their tour through the Ecuadorian Sierra was immortalised with a click.


When they reached their first destination, the Mirador Shalalá – a lookout point for tourists – they were able to observe the volcano’s crater: the Quilotoa Lagoon. While organising how to take a picture with the lagoon as a background, their comments couldn’t be ignored “How colourful is Ecuador”, they said. They didn’t care about the blizzards or the hot weather, team DE was amazed. That part of the tour ended with a group selfie, some ’empanadas de viento’ and, of course, a ‘canelazo’

Then we went to the mask workshops near Pujilí. Here they learned the process of creating these amazing handcrafts. The variety of colors and contrasts were again the favorite part for Team DE. Then, we went to the reserve restaurant were they offered us a ‘bandeja andina’ which contained all kind of grains, a hot soup and for dessert: the traditional ‘arroz con leche’ – a mix of rice, sugar and cinnamon -. Later we walked down through a little community markert, where some took the opportunity to go shopping.

Back to the road, Team DE was heading to Ambato where people were expecting us at Ficoa. The next point, was the visit to the restaurant Los Cuyes II where they would taste the flavor and texture of the representative local dish: cuy asado – roasted guinea pig -. Part of the Team DE felt a little apprehensive to see what it was, but that didn’t stop them and they took the chance to enjoy its delicious taste.

At the end of the day, all – and more – of their expectations were accomplished. What remained, along with their experience, were magnificent photos. Their bodies were shaken but certainly more curious of what the “magic of the wonderful Ecuador” has prepared for them of the second day of this journey through the senses.