Brendan Van Son is a travel photographer, one of the 18 artists of the Feel Again Project. He was on Team USA, who visited the enchanted Galápagos Islands. While on the trip to the islands, Brendan got the chance to get closer to the wildlife and also to shoot some amazing landscapes.

Now he has uploaded some of his travel diaries to his personal website. On them we can see Brendan working through the islands and meeting animals along his way. On the first day of adventure they got to meet giant tortoises and a lava cave, check the video out below!

On the second day of the Feel Again Project, Brendan and Team USA visited the Española Island, famous for it’s amazing wildlife.

On the third and final day, they spent the afternoon with the blue-footed boobies and sea lions. Watch the final video of Brendan Van Son on the Galápagos Islands.